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Legal Expertise

The firm has extensive experience and expertise in the indicated areas of law. Gordon T. Selinger has a reputation as a competent and trustworthy lawyer.

The firm is prominent in the City of Portage la Prairie and surrounding area.



For Real Estate, Estates, or Civil Litigation

Evangeline Chan

Chrissy Comeau

For Corporate

Chrissy Comeau


Barrister & Solicitor 

Gordon T. Selinger is an experienced lawyer who is current in all indicated facets of the law. He is well-known for serving his clients well and achieving excellent results.

He has years of experience working in and around the City of Portage la Prairie. He has handled many types of cases and his paramount concern is to provide valuable service in a timely manner. The law firm itself has been in continuous existence since 1920, and Gordon T. Selinger intends to carry on its tradition of excellence.

He understands that the law affects people in many different ways. His competence in law allows him to provide excellent representation and advice.

If you require legal advice, do not hesitate to call Gordon T. Selinger at Miller Pressey Selinger. He is ready and able to protect your legal rights, to secure your property and to solve your legal problems. 

He specializes in many areas of law including the following:


MPS can represent you on the sale, purchase and mortgage of real property including condominiums. 

Gordon T. Selinger can also prepare Offers to Purchase, assist in applications for subdivision and prepare other security documents.


MPS Law can draft wills, powers of attorney, health-care directives and trust agreements. 

Gordon T. Selinger can provide sound advice to executors and administrators on the proper administration of estates.


MPS can represent you in the Queen's Bench as a plaintiff or defendant, including the negotiation of settlements related to litigation. 

Gordon T. Selinger is familiar with the laws relating to breach of contracts, debt collection, malpractice, injury and wrongful dismissal.



MPS can represent you in family matters provided those matters will not likely lead to litigation in the family courts. 

Gordon T. Selinger is prepared to do all things reasonable and necessary to negotiate Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Spousal Agreements and Separation Agreements. He will do uncontested divorces and adoptions. If uncontested matters should subsequently become contested, he will refer you to other counsel.

MPS can incorporate companies, set up and maintain Minute Books, prepare resolutions and team up with your accountant to minimize tax.

Gordon T. Selinger can represent you on the sale of assets or shares of a company. He can prepare partnership, joint-venture agreements and other contracts.

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